Be Cool 'BI-BABY' Geschwisterwagen BE SOLID-MELANGE

Be Cool 'BI-BABY' Geschwisterwagen BE SOLID-MELANGE Bild 1

Be Cool 'BI-BABY' Geschwisterwagen BE SOLID-MELANGE

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Bi-Baby Features Pushchair designed for families with two little ones, whether twins or of different ages, as the seats are independent of each other and can be adjusted to suit each age, from newborn up to 15 Kg. If required, one or two Mime carrycots can be fitted onto the chassis so that during the first few months the babies are more protected and the parents and babies can see each other better. It is a pushchair that is the perfect size for the children to have enough space and be comfortable in the seats while still being easy to handle and fit through doors and in lifts. · Aluminium chassis · Compact folding pushchair · Closed handlebar · See-through windows · Extendable hood · Separate and multi-position reclining seats (from newborn) · Five-point harness · Removable front protector · Detachable wheels with diameter of 24,5 and 16,5 cm · Large capacity basket · Rain cover · Can be combined with the Mime carrycot, with the option of fitting one or two, as required