Mountain Buggy Einrad

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Mountain Buggy Einrad

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one parent, one child, one wheel! Stand out from the crowd with unirider - a unique riding experience that develops balance and confidence for your child, as well as having so much fun! unirider is a fun alternative for your little one when out and about; it provides a sense of freedom for your growing toddler while still keeping them within your fingertips. make your trips fun! A unique riding experience that develops balance and confidence for your child, unirider provides the perfect solution for day to day short trips when you need to get from a-to-b quickly. Whether it is off to daycare or school, or simply down to the local shops to meet friends be sure to make it fun for the whole family! unirider performs perfectly on all terrain with its 12″ airfilled tyre. It’s so lightweight, making it incredibly easy to lift over small obstacles - super fun for those off road adventures! You can even jog with unirider using only one hand - Mountain Buggy manoeuvrability at its best! But just remember, be safe and ensure your child wears a safety helmet whilst active with unirider! other features you will love Houses two positions for your child's feet for better comfort as your child grows So easy to assemble - takes only minutes One 12” air filled tyre to tackle all terrain - also absorbs the shock by using the air as suspension under the child’s seat Fun yellow colour for boys and girls! Made of the best as it’s Mountain Buggy tough!