Be Cool 'Apollo i-Size' Autokindersitz 40-105 cm Oversea

Be Cool 'Apollo i-Size' Autokindersitz 40-105 cm Oversea Bild 1

Be Cool 'Apollo i-Size' Autokindersitz 40-105 cm Oversea

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Apollo (40-105cm) Features The Apollo and Apollo +Plus car safety seats are certified under the i-Size standard, suitable for use from newborn, 40cm, up to 105cm. They have been designed so the child travels in the rear facing position throughout their whole period of use (up to 105cm) although if you prefer, they can be used in the forward facing position from 75cm. The insert protects the baby in his first few months and the car seats adapt to suit his growth. As well as being safe and protecting the little one on journeys, the 360º rotation system with side loading position makes it very easy to get the child in the car. The Apollo +Plus model is the premium version, which includes additional SPS protection and a digital screen with indicators to show when it is correctly installed and fabric with an eco-leather finish. · Rear facing installation all the time the seat is in use. Until the child measures 105 cm in height. · 360º swivel with loading position.