Be Cool 'Zeus Plus i-Size' Autokindersitz Taurine

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Be Cool 'Zeus Plus i-Size' Autokindersitz Taurine

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Zeus Plus (40-125cm) Features The Zeus car safety seat that the child can use in the rear facing position up to a height of 105cm, is very easy to install and guarantees excellent stability in the vehicle. Under the R129 i-Size standard, it is suitable for use from 40cm to 125cm and is very practical thanks to its 360º rotation and loading position. As with the other models, the Zeus seat is available in two versions, Zeus and Zeus +Plus. The Plus version includes a screen with correct installation indicator and SPS (side protection system), as well as eco-leather finishes on the fabric of the seat. · 40-105cm rear facing position Installation in the rear facing position with isofix, support leg and 5-point harness of the seat as the restraint system. · 76-125cm forward facing position Installation with isofix, support leg and seat harness up to 105cm. From 105cm to 125cm the restraint system switches to the vehicle ABC seat belt. · When the harness is no longer necessary, the design of the seat means the straps can be concealed without having to detach them. · The seat has been designed to adapt to the child’s body at each stage, this is guaranteed with the evolutionary insert and the different headrest heights of the seat. · SPS, helps to absorb energy in the event of side impact. · Digital screen with indicators to show correct installation, rotation system, isofix anchors and support leg.